SKF Bearings


      SKF’s bearings are typically used in high-end engineering applications – and will now help skaters to maintain a high performance. The bearings are engineered for high reliability, with internal grease helping to improve low-friction performance.

      “Our standard skateboard bearings offer the proven combination of speed and smoothness that every skater is looking for,” says Daniel Werme, Sales Manager for SKF’s skateboard business.

      Top skaters Oskar “Oski” Rozenberg, Ishod Wair, Louie Lopez, Alexis Sablone, Beatrice Domond and Kader Sylla are backing the launch.

      “SKF makes bearings for jet engines – so you know their bearings for skateboard wheels are going to be premium,” said Wair.

      SKF has been producing bearings since 1907. SKF’s bearings are used in a variety of demanding applications, including aircraft engines, wind turbines and high-performance cars – as well as skateboard wheels.

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